A snobbish woman, Vanessa (Maria Böttner), expects to arrive at a luxury resort, but instead finds herself stranded on a small barren island in the middle of nowhere in the clutches of a coarse lighthouse keeper (Manfred Liechti). Her desperate attempts to flee are thwarted by the fact that the next ferry from the island is due a week later. All hopes of a relaxing holiday are dashed by the later arrival of the nonchalant hedonist, Sebastian (Daniel Mezger), who claims the only shabby guest room for himself. As a third guest appears, a mysterious corpse is discovered and Sebastian suddenly produces a winning lottery ticket. Events spin out of control and a disastrous holiday mutates into a grotesque battle for survival.


TUMULT IN SVET IVOR is a wonderfully fresh and quirky black comedy with a good portion of action. An exceptional cast, a very original editing, and a fantastic sound-track influenced by eastern European music (including Palko! Muski, Molotov Brass Orkestar, Musique en Route), make TUMULT IN SVET IVOR an unforgettable cinematic experience.


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